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Who We Are

New on the Toronto corporate housing scene? Yes and no. Vista grew from the joining together of a select group of existing companies, with substantial collective knowledge and experience of Toronto’s furnished apartment market. Why merge you ask? Our partners recognized an opportunity. Customers are increasingly wanting choice in where they stay. We have learned that one size does not fit everyone.Whether it’s a Fortune 500 executive looking for an upscale suite, or a small start-up on a tight budget, Vista has options.

We promise to find you a great place to stay, and deliver excellent customer service, whatever your price point.

‘At Vista we believe that the quality of customer service will never exceed the quality of people that provide it.’

Some Of Vistas’ Quality People…

Chez – Housekeeping Team Lead and Vice President of Customer Retention:

Chez knows that the cleanliness of our suites is where the rubber meets the road. She takes pride in ensuring each suite is meticulously clean and well stocked to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Not sure how to operate the in-suite washer, don’t see something that you need? Chez and her team will be happy to give you an orientation to the suite or source the rice-maker to help you feel at more at home.

Ali – Maintenance Manager and Gremlin Wrangler:

Keeping your short-term home in peak operating condition is not an insignificant undertaking. Ali is firmly dedicated to the good repair of your suite. He is often heard to say, “ An ounce of prevention is worth a lot less hassle later on.” From time to time when the Gremlins prevail and the kitchen faucet starts to drip, Ali is only a phone call away and ready to put things right.

Adnan – V.P. of Misc. Stuff –

Adnan brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to Vista. His experience includes many years as a realtor and corporate housing business owner. In his role at Vista, Adnan combines his real estate savvy with his knowledge of what short-term clients want; to source the best properties and locations for our Furnished Apartments. Whether it’s Toronto or Mississauga, Adnan evaluates each building across numerous criteria including: proximity to business centres, transit and lifestyle conveniences. He is always on the look-out for new locations, to better serve our clients.

Shaz and Kanwal – Co-V.P.s of Hospitality –

This dynamic couple is dedicated to ensuring that each and every Vista guest receives a warm welcome and understands that we are truly happy they have chosen to stay with us. Not content to coast with experience gained from operating their own furnished apartment business, these two are bringing valuable leadership to Vista, with the knowledge and insight gained from their academic pursuits in the hospitality industry.

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